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Catholic Youth Ministry Resources

A free site for sharing youth ministry ideas.
Last update 13 Dec 1998.  Welcome Youth Minister!

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Catholic Youth Groups on the Web
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Well, we had a nice run for a while, but this bulletin board will be going away soon, primarily due to lack of interest. Sorry! Be sure to check out the mailing list to the left.
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Here are a few links to youth ministry resources:

Youth Ministry Publishing Companies:

Saint Mary's Press
Group Publishing
Youth Specialties 
Oregon Catholic Press 
Center for Ministry Development 
National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Catholic Conference 

Ministry Oportunities (Jobs, that is):

Ministry Connect
National Catholic Reporter Classifieds  

Catholic Youth Ministry Organizations and sites:

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry is the "home office" for Catholic youth ministry in the USA
Life Teen is a popular youth ministry program centered in the liturgy
The Youth Ministry Network is a site with a large number of free youth ministry resources
National Evangelization Teams (NET; Australia) provide retreats in schools and parishes
The REAP Team (St. Louis) 
Steubenville Youth Conferences
Catholic Youth Groups on the Web

Online Youth Magazines:

You! Magazine 
Cross Fire Youth Ministry Magazine 
Youth Ministry News Groups, Mailing Lists, and Bulletin Boards: 
Life Teen Bulletin Board
Soc.Religion.Christian.Youth-Work Homepage

More Ministry Resources:

Catholic Ministry Network 
Center for Creative Ministry 

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