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Youth Ministry Survival Kit
Copyright 1998-Center for Creative Ministry. Permission must be obtained for reprinting or reproducing of this list in any manner, including other Web Sites. (602) 245-1986. 
We asked the members of our Youth Ministry Discussion List what items they thought should be in every Youth Worker's survival kit. We meant a practical, physical box, basket or cart that you have with you at every event. Yes, we know there are also intangible items like "prayer", "love" and so forth. We wanted to compile a "kit" which was a collection of physical items that would be helpful to always have with you.  Here are our suggestions, in no particular order: 

1. Duct Tape- Fixes everything. 
2. Three prong adapter. Converts your three prong VCR plug to a two prong outlet at the ancient retreat center where you retreat is being held. 
3. Extension Cord- Big 50 foot one. 
4. Emergency "Meeting in a Box"- your guest speaker doesn't show up or your teachers get sick. Pre planned, ready-to-go meeting or class. 
5. Small medical kit - Band-Aids, etc. 
6. Cellular phone 
7. Bible 
8. Matches and Candle- long fireplace matches make for a nice "ceremonious" touch. 
9. Extra pens, markers and scratch paper 
10. Name Tags 
11. Crisis Hotline phone number (or number of trusted counselor), regional director's phone number. 
12. Masking Tape, about 3/4" wide- It's perfect for making lines on the floor for games of all kinds, and it removes much easier that duct tape.  But take a hint....  remove the masking tape from the floor immediately after the game.  The longer you leave it down, the harder to remove.  
13. String or Yarn  
14. Safety Pins, small sewing kit 
15. Small tool kit including flashlight 
16. Roll of large trash bags 
17. Scissors 
18. Emergency "Pay telephone" coins 

Other suggested items to customize your kit: 
CD's and player, balloons, sheets of newspaper, book of Games and Icebreakers, inflatable beach ball, batteries, camera and film, push pins, paper towels, office glue. 


Copyright Paul Surbey 2000 Youth Pastor Holy Trinity Anglican Winnipeg Manitoba

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