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Copyright 1990, 1998 Sean Buvala

A free script. Even if it is free, you still need to follow the rules below.  
"Using it for church" doesn't mean you can ignore copyrights.   
You many not place this on another web site without our permission.  
You may, however,  link to this page. Thank you.  
Copyright  1990, 1998 Sean Buvala/Center for Creative Ministry.  All rights reserved.  
Permission to photocopy and for performance rights are granted for use in local 
church settings only.  For other performance rights and print or web-based reprints,  
permission may be obtained from: Center for Creative Ministry, 2836 N 55 Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85035. 
As a courtesy, send us note when you use this script. We'd  enjoy keeping  in touch. 
1 and 2. Male, female or Mix.  1 and 2 enter from sides.  Bare 
stage.  Done in silence.  Only lines in quotes are spoken. 


Narrator:  "At times, things in our lives can get out of hand. 
Some interactions take place that never should have been allowed 
to happen.  We present an allegory on some of the nonsense that 
goes on around us, War." 

1: "Once upon a time, there were two people who went about their 

1 and 2 begin to wander about stage, pretending to talk to other 
people.  Eventually, they walk backwards into each other, bump 
and stop, slowly turning down stage and toward each other.  They 
look at each other with surprise and panic, moving away from each 
other toward opposite ends of the stage.  2 recovers composure 
and tries to make amends for bumping into 1, approaches back 
towards 1, ready to shake hands and apologize. 

1 refuses to make up, forcefully pushes 2 away. 1 uses their foot 
to draw an imaginary line between 1 and 2 across stage, with 
mimed taunts towards 2 to try and cross the line. 

2 contemplates crossing the line, but  then slowly raises hand to nose and 
makes a rude gesture to 1. 

1 is angered  and returns gesture. 

2 annoyed goes behind stage, gets rubber band and shows to 1.  1 
laughs at 2 until 1 gets shot with rubber band.  Broad reaction 
from 1. 

2 starts to laugh with broad body gestures, including bending 
over strike knees and turns their back toward 1. 

1, unknown to 2, crosses stage to 2 and kicks 2 in rear end.  1 
quickly runs back across the "line".  2 runs after 1, but stops 
dramatically at line.  2 goes behind stage and retrieves a play 

2 returns to line, gets attention of 1, and bounces ball off the 
head of 1. 

1, angered, goes behind stage and retrieves foam bat or rolled 
newspaper, returns to stage with bat behind back, approaches 
line, calls 2 over gently, as if to make up. 2 pauses, then 
believing that 1 wishes to make amends, consents and walks 
toward line with hand extended. 1 then beats 2 with foam bat. 

2, angered goes behind stage, retrieves cap or stage gun, and 
returns to stage. 

2: "Hey, You!" 

1: "What?" 

2 Shoots 1 with gun.  1 falls and dies. 

2: ) To "And they all lived happily ever after.  Sort of." 

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Copyright Paul Surbey 2000 Youth Pastor Holy Trinity Anglican Winnipeg Manitoba

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