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These were submitted by Chris Miller Oct. 6th '99. Would anyone else like to submit some for the group?

Christian Graphics Site (for posters or other things)
The Real Freedom Youth Worker's Exchange
Wild Frontier's Youth Ministry Resources
Youth Specialties Website
Youth Ministry Resource Site
Youth Ministry Resources Galore
What Would Jesus Do Official Website
Youth Ministry Student Resource Site
Teen Ministry Website

Resources (Submitted by Paul Surbey) Oct 7th '99                       

Leadership Manuel ( long) new4.gif (13202 bytes)
Ryan's Youth Ministry Papersnew4.gif (13202 bytes)
EGAD Youth Ministry Ideas.new4.gif (13202 bytes)!/indoor.html

Welcome to the Cyber-Classroom of Dr. Bruce R. McCrackennew4.gif (13202 bytes)

Children's Homily and Children's Projects

Sermon Software (Free) new1.gif (3875 bytes)
Matthew's Commentarynew1.gif (3875 bytes)
Children's Sermonsnew1.gif (3875 bytes)
Great Kids Fridge Art sitenew1.gif (3875 bytes)
Excellent Stories/Sermonsnew1.gif (3875 bytes)
Eldrbarry's V.B.S. Page new1.gif (3875 bytes)

Anglican Resources

C.A.Y.W.Anew1.gif (3875 bytes)


Fundraising Ideasnew1.gif (3875 bytes)


The FunAttic
Youth Ministry Games Index new4.gif (13202 bytes)

Jon Bullers Site: Site of the music for the conference. Thanks Jon!

Jon Bullers' Site

Nedstat Counter

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