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 Polaroid Scavenger Hunt 

Compiled by Center for Creative Ministry/ Sean Buvala 

Disclaimer Stuff: First off, Polaroid is a registered trademark of that Palaroid Company. But, we are not making any money off this and we do suggest you need to use their cameras to make this work. 

Second, this Scavenger Hunt idea has been around for long time, probably in some form or the other by Youth Specialties or one of the giant Youth Ministry publishers. So, go buy their books, like PLAY IT or something. :-) 

Third, do any game at your own risk. It is the silly youth director that lets teenagers drive teenagers around for this game or for any event where automobiles are used. As a general note, your drivers should always be over 21. Be sure that they have provided you with a their Driver's License and insurance proof . Make photo-copies of all of these documents and keep them in your records. We also assume that you have talked to your group about manners, public behavior and so on and so forth. 

Okay, on with the show. 

What You Need for each 'hunting' group: 

1. Aforementioned adult driver. Driver also doubles as the picture taker..... 

2. Polaroid camera with film and flash.... 

3. $1 per group....(See the second item on list) 

3. The LIST for each group..... 

How to Do It: 

You follow the traditional rules of a scavenger hunt. The adult driver takes a picture of their group doing each of the following. Activities can be done in any order. Each car group must be back at whatever time you set with as many pictures of the completed activities as they can get! 

Here's the List, Add or subtract as fits your group. Be creative and think of your own picture opportunities! 

***Get a picture of all of your group members doing the following: 

1. Standing with a police officer. 

2. Buying two cans of vegetables at a grocery store. (Note: That's the use of the $1. Give the food collected to your church's food bank.) 

3. Holding a menu from an eatery, diner or cafeteria, not a fast food joint. 

4. In the bedroom of one of your group members. 

5. In the church building. 

6. In the car. 

7. In front of a canned soda machine. 

8. Wearing paper bags on your heads. 

9. Blowing bubbles using children's bubble soap. 

10. In the Cartoon section of a Video store. 

11. Crossing the street, in the crosswalk, with the "Walk" sign lit up. 

12. In front of a fire station. 


Copyright Paul Surbey 2000 Youth Pastor Holy Trinity Anglican Winnipeg Manitoba

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