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YOU! Magazine Article Page
God Persists in Holding Hand  by Rick Craig
Can God be Found on the Internet:  A Dialogue About Technology and Faith  by Michael J. Hagarty
To Raise The Teen Spirit  by Mike Aquilina
So, You are a Small Group Leader?  by Geof A. Kledzik
A National Initiative to Unite Communities for Children and Adolescents by Lutheran Brotherhood
The Six Major Goals of HC-HY  by Lutheran Brotherhood
Translating the Jargon: What are "developmental assets," anyway?  by Lutheran Brotherhood
List of 40 developmental assets--how many assets can you, or your child, claim?  by Lutheran Brotherhood
We Want YOU: Individuals Taking Action  by Lutheran Brotherhood
Strengthening the Ties that Bind: Families Taking Action  by Lutheran Brotherhood
We're All in This Together: Communities Taking Action  by Lutheran Brotherhood
150 Ways to Show Kids You Care  by By Jolene L. Roehlkepartain
Building Assets for Youth by Search Institute
Youth See Benefits of Serving Others  by Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner
Growing Places   by Rebecca N. Saito and Eugne C. Roehlkepartain
Building Assets:  What Congregations Can Do  by Search Institute.
Teens Seek More 'Youth-Friendly' Liturgies by John L. Allen Jr., NCR Staff
Teens Offer Diverse New Agendas by John L. Allen Jr., NCR Staff
U.S. teens face rash of get-tough actions as nation's fear grows by John L. Allen Jr., NCR Staff


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